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Comment author: alexflint 07 September 2015 12:44:35AM 1 point [-]

So we get astronomical stakes by multiplying a large amount of time by a large amount of space to get a large light cone of potential future value. Interventions that work along only one of those dimensions -- say, I bury a single computer that generates one utilon per year deep underground, which continues to run for the life of the universe, or I somehow grant a one-off one utilon to every human alive in the year 1 billion -- are dominated by those interventions that affect the product of space and time (e.g. the interventions you listed here). But if there were just one more dimension to multiply, then interventions that addressed the product of all three might dominate all considerations that we currently think about.

Comment author: kokotajlod 14 December 2015 06:51:45PM 0 points [-]

Yep. Any ideas what such an other dimension might be? (There are of course the "normal" other dimensions, like average well-being, that are included in the calculation of utilons.)