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Comment author: KelseyPiper 16 April 2015 05:45:10AM 3 points [-]

The question we've had the most success with for a regular/weekly meetup is "what is something interesting you've learned/read/thought about recently". The advantage to keeping it consistent is that people know what to expect; this question also avoids most of the disadvantages of keeping the question consistent (namely that people repeat themselves and get bored). It also tends to provoke fascinating answers.

Comment author: Cornelius  (EA Profile) 31 August 2015 04:25:53AM 0 points [-]

I can also vouch for the success of "What's one good thing and one bad thing that has happened to you this week/month/since last time?" Each person picks one of each and talks about it. Naturally, some people may bring up things related to EA very easily with this question if they are involved with it.