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Comment author: godshatter 20 September 2014 03:35:46AM 4 points [-]

I'm a physics PhD student working in quantum computing. My introduction to EA has been through Lesswrong, where I'm reasonably active (under a different name).

When I first heard about EA, it immediately struck a chord with me, as it did two things: (1) it pinpointed exactly what it was about your average charity that annoyed me so much; and (2) proposed a way to fix it.

I very recently started donating a small amount, $50, monthly to GiveDirectly.

While I support giving from what you earn, I'm still quite on the fence about earning to give. That is, I'm not sure that it is a good idea to consciously optimize your career around earning more simply so that you can donate more. I haven't, yet, clearly formulated my intuitive discomfort with this concept into arguments.

Comment author: Jess_Riedel 20 September 2014 04:17:32AM *  3 points [-]

Hey, I'm a postdoc in q. info (although more on the decoherence and q. foundations side of things). I'm interested to know more about where you're at and how you found out about LessWrong. Shoot me an email if you want. My address is my username without the underscore @gmail.com .

Comment author: RyanCarey 20 September 2014 03:50:10AM 1 point [-]

Great to have you on board!

Comment author: cflexman 17 November 2014 02:17:56AM 0 points [-]

I'm a physics undergrad who is very interested in quantum computing. Interested to hear thoughts on it from someone who is a rationalist; if you would email me at Connor_Flexman AT brown DOT edu, it would be wildly helpful.