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Comment author: RyanCarey 20 September 2014 04:01:06AM *  2 points [-]

(1) I don't think minor posts like "Here's an interesting article. Anyone have thoughts?" fit very well in the open thread. In particular, it's not clear when something new has been added. One possibility is to create a second tier of posts which do not appear on the main page unless you specifically select it.

I agree that the links might not fit well in an open thread. An alternative might be to bundle up a bunch of links into a "links for November" type thread like State Star Codex. Then, people can put more links in the comments if appropriate.

However, learn against improving discussion by subdividing discussion fora. The main/discussion distinction was one of LessWrong's most unpopular features. In the effective altruism community, we already have a subreddit, many facebook groups, many personal blogs, many Twitters, many Tumblrs, LessWrong, here and many other online locations. Moreover, given limited programmer resources, we're not currently looking for new features. Having said that, I'll look into the feasibility highlighting new comments because that seems like it would be useful.

(2) I've talked to at least a couple of other people who think EAs need a place to talk that's more casual in the specific sense that comments aren't saved for all eternity on the internet. (Or, at the very least, aren't indexed by search engines.)

A private Facebook group is best for this. There's no straightforward way to prevent public pages from being indexed by sites like archive.today.

Comment author: Jess_Riedel 20 September 2014 04:18:32AM 1 point [-]

Very reasonable. Thanks Ryan.