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Comment author: kbog  (EA Profile) 30 September 2018 10:39:45AM *  1 point [-]

There is no reason to prefer that over simply creating people with happy lives. You can always simulate someone who believes that they have just been saved from suffering if that constitutes the best life. The relation to some historical person who suffered is irrelevant and inefficient.

Deterring unfriendly AI is another matter. There are so many possible goal functions that can be used to describe possible unfriendly AIs that a general strategy for deterring them doesn't make sense. At least not without a lot of theoretical groundwork that is presently lacking.

Comment author: turchin 30 September 2018 03:20:34PM 0 points [-]

If the connection between observer-moments is not regarded as important (as I understand, this is your point of view: there is no identity that chains observer-moments in timelines) - than the creation of happy observer-moments is also a way to dilute past sufferings.

In other words, the creation of infinitely many happy observer-moments in the future makes the probability that a person finds himself into a suffering observer-moment infinitely small.

I addressed the problem of the simulation of evil AIs in the "Message to any future AI" text, which we already discussed. The main types of Evil AIs may be predicted by simulating the worlds where they likely to appear. We could get the advantage over the Evil AIs by declaring now, before their creation, that we will simulate and punish them in those timelines where will be able to create Benevolent AI. But we don't need to discuss all the technical details how we will do it, as a benevolent AI will find better ways. (The idea comes from Rolf Nelson)