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Comment author: turchin 29 September 2018 04:26:10PM 0 points [-]

This is because you use not-copy-friendly theory of personal identity, which is reasonable but has other consequences.

I patched the second problem in comments above - only the next moment after suffering will be simulated and diluted, and this will be obviously the happiest moment for someone in agony - to feel that the pain disappeared and to know that he is saved from hell.

It will be like an angel, who comes to a cancer patient and tells him: your disease was just completely cured. If one ever got a negative result for cancer test, he may know this feeling of relief.

Also, the fact that benevolent AI is capable to save observers from Evil AI (and also model Evil AIs in simulations and punish them if they dare to torture anyone) will significantly reduce (I hope) the number of Evil AI.

Thus, the combination of the pleasure of being saved from Evil AI plus lowering the world-share of Evil AIs, as they can't win and know it - will increase the total positive utility in the universe.