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Comment author: amb 05 October 2018 12:24:21AM 2 points [-]

Obviously these results (and last year's) spark a concern about diversity. Has the EA community made any attempts to analyze, understand, and seek to remedy the causes behind the lack of gender and racial diversity based on the results of these surveys?

While most communities grow within a defined demographic at first, advocacy and community-building is a main goal and tenet of effective altruism. I'm concerned that numbers this skewed have a negative effect on this goal, and would love to know if the community has sought to understand and address this yet.

Comment author: Julia_Wise  (EA Profile) 11 October 2018 01:30:15AM *  0 points [-]

One example of trying to understand the reasons is the London group's collecting and analyzing attendance data, with the conclusion that men and women initially come in equal numbers but women are less likely to return:


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