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Comment author: Elizabeth 10 September 2018 08:45:40PM 2 points [-]

I don’t often argue the merits of bednets versus cash transfers, which means I get intellectually sloppy knowing I won’t be challenged.

OK, but in that case wouldn't it be better to stick around people with opposing points of view?

This seems like a pretty severe misreading to me. Ozy is saying that they want to hone their arguments against people with expertise in a particular field rather than a different field, which is perfectly reasonable.

Comment author: kbog  (EA Profile) 10 September 2018 08:51:27PM *  2 points [-]

You're right, I did misread it, I thought the comparison was something against long term causes.

In any case you can always start a debate over how to reduce poverty on forums like this. Arguments like this have caught a lot of interest around here. And just because you put all the "near-term EAs" in the same place doesn't mean they'll argue with each other.