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Comment author: markus_over 11 September 2018 02:27:49PM 2 points [-]

Coworking sessions sound interesting. The fact that few groups utilize them, but those that do do it apparently very frequently, seems to suggest that it may be underrated. Could people from groups that do this on a regular basis elaborate on the format? Is it about organizing the group itself, i.e. preparing events etc.? Actively working on research topics? Or just generally people from the group meeting to work on things they personally need to get done? Would you say this specific setup increases productivity substantially?

Comment author: Khorton 11 September 2018 03:45:57PM 5 points [-]

I've attended several co-working sessions with EA London. In my experience, they've been 2-5 people working independently on stuff they need to get done. For example, on a typical day Holly might be responding to messages and emails, David might be writing the EA London newsletter, and I might be doing a literature review for my dissertation. It's nice because we occasionally bounce ideas off of each other, and because eating lunch together is much more pleasant than working and eating alone.