Awesome Effective Altruism - a curated list of EA resources

In the tech world, there's been a trend of making "awesome X" lists - essentially lists of great resources on a topic.

There didn't seem to be an active one on effective altruism, so I thought I'd make one! You can find it here.

I'm keen to get people to contribute. If you're comfortable using GitHub, just submit a pull request. If not, comment here on the change you want made and I'll make it!

I'm particularly interested in something like "essential effective altruism resources" – the things that you think ought to be required reading for every EA.


Update: can you believe that effectivealtruism.rocks wasn't already registered?! đŸ˜ą

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Comment author: vollmer  (EA Profile) 25 August 2018 11:47:37AM *  9 points [-]

There is this list of essential EA resources: https://www.effectivealtruism.org/resources/

Comment author: cscanlon 25 August 2018 12:17:50AM 6 points [-]

Great idea! For the section on existential risk, my suggestion would be https://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/Existential-Risks-2017-01-23.pdf It has a government and diplomacy point of view, but I found it much more readable than other material I have encountered on the topic. I'm not an expert in this area though, so if someone has a better suggestion for an accessible introduction, go for it.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 25 August 2018 12:25:44PM 0 points [-]

Thanks, that's been added.

Comment author: Orpheus_Lummis 26 August 2018 05:40:09PM *  1 point [-]
Comment author: michaelchen 26 August 2018 02:31:30AM *  1 point [-]

Sheon Han made something called Awesome Effective Altruism about a year ago, although I don't see it anymore. Is this related to that?

EDIT: looks like someone made a copy of it at https://github.com/ShriSamson/awesome-effective-altruism

Comment author: riceissa  (EA Profile) 26 August 2018 04:35:51AM 1 point [-]

Sheon Han's repository was made private. There are more more discussion threads here.

Comment author: Denkenberger 25 August 2018 05:54:15AM 1 point [-]

Other long term EA-aligned organizations include Future of Life Institute, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters, AI Impacts, Berkeley Existential Risk Institute, etc.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 25 August 2018 01:11:06PM 0 points [-]

Thanks, have added 'em.

Comment author: Orpheus_Lummis 26 August 2018 05:01:16PM 0 points [-]

Should there be a category for Organizations in the periphery of EA?

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 25 August 2018 01:12:46PM 0 points [-]

I'm also interested in any slightly unorthodox resources - like, someone coming to the movement for the first time might also want to see criticisms, unusual points of view within the movement (e.g. negative utilitarianism), etc.