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Comment author: Khorton 15 August 2018 02:00:04PM 2 points [-]

We do however recognize that when consulting others it’s easy to end up selecting for people with similar views and this can leave us with blind spots in particular areas. We are thinking about how to expand the range of people we get advice from. While we cannot promise to enact all suggestions, we would like to hear suggestions from forum users about what else they might like to see from CEA in this area.

It seems like you currently only consult people for EA Global content. Do you want to get advice on how to have a wider range of consultants for EA Global content, or are you asking for something else?

Comment author: Kerry_Vaughan 15 August 2018 09:06:50PM *  4 points [-]

We're asking for feedback on who we should consult with in general, not just for EA Global.

In particular, the usual process of seeking advice from people we know and trust is probably producing a distortion where we aren't hearing from a true cross-section of the community, so figuring out a different process might be useful.

Comment author: Julia_Wise  (EA Profile) 16 August 2018 03:10:05PM *  3 points [-]

To add a little more background: we're always glad to get ideas from the community about EA Global on our content/speaker suggestion form.

We also get feedback on major decisions that will affect the community from an advisory panel, chosen because they had given us especially useful criticism in the past. However, we'd like to get more frequent, informal feedback as well.

Comment author: Milan_Griffes 16 August 2018 04:50:29PM 3 points [-]

Is there a process for joining & leaving the advisory panel, or is that handled informally?

Also, could you say a little more about how & when the panel is engaged for feedback?

Comment author: AGB 19 August 2018 10:08:07PM 11 points [-]

(Speaking as a member of the panel, but not in any way as a representative of CEA).

It’s worth noting the panel hasn’t been consulted on anything in the last 12 months. I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with this, especially since it was set up partly in response to the Intentional Insights affair and AFAIK there has been no similar event in that time, but I have a vague feeling that someone reading Julia’s posts would think it was more common, which I guess was part of the ‘question behind your question’, if that makes sense :)

Comment author: Julia_Wise  (EA Profile) 22 August 2018 02:50:05AM 2 points [-]

Sorry, I think we must have had a miscommunication within CEA - I had the understanding that we'd written to the panel last week about something, but apparently that didn't happen yet. In general, though, it's true that we've only asked the panel for input rarely.

Comment author: Milan_Griffes 20 August 2018 02:54:36PM 0 points [-]

That's interesting background, thanks :-)

Comment author: Julia_Wise  (EA Profile) 18 August 2018 01:53:52AM 5 points [-]

We've had this panel for a little more than a year, and haven't yet have turnover. If looking for a new member, we'd look for someone who had given us helpful outside perspective / criticism in the past.

We've asked the panel for feedback primarily when making decisions where CEA's view of its proper role in the community is especially likely to differ from others' view of CEA's proper role. One example is around whether CEA should express views on which other organizations are EA organizations.