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Comment author: Daniel_Eth 11 August 2018 05:45:02AM 6 points [-]

Are women more likely to return for a second event if the gender ratio of the first event they attended was more balanced? This could tell you whether the difference is simply a result of the community being mostly male right now, or if it's due to some other reason(s).

Comment author: DavidNash 11 October 2018 03:04:09PM *  3 points [-]

I looked into this and of the women that came to just 1 event, there was an average of 49% female attendance. Of women who came to 2 or more events, the first event they came to had, an average of 45% female attendance.

Also of the women who came to 5 or more events, half of them came to an event with less than 40% female attendance and half of them came to an event with more than 40%.