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Comment author: weeatquince  (EA Profile) 08 August 2018 11:17:18AM 5 points [-]

Marek, well done on all of your hard work on this.

Separate from the managed funds. I really like the work that CEA is doing to help money be moved around the world to other EA charities. I would love to see more organisations on the list of places that donations can be made through the EA Funds platform. Eg, REG or Animal Charity Evaluators or Rethink Charity. Is this in the works?


Comment author: vollmer  (EA Profile) 09 August 2018 07:50:53AM 3 points [-]

(To support REG, you can select "Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus" (= Effective Altruism Foundation) from the list. If you'd like to restrict your donation to EAF's philanthropic advice (which includes REG, but also a new crypto fundraising project and an "impact masterclass" for UHNWs), just shoot us an email.)

Comment author: MarekDuda 08 August 2018 02:34:55PM 3 points [-]

Thanks Sam!

Yes, it is. We are currently focussing on operational robustness, but after that we see no reason not to expand the offering to cover most of the organisations EAs give to.

Comment author: weeatquince  (EA Profile) 08 August 2018 11:04:27PM *  0 points [-]

YAY <3