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Comment author: Halstead 11 July 2018 03:09:20PM *  2 points [-]

cheers, the page that mentions cool earth also discusses why we think project based deforestation approaches are unlikely to be the most cost-effective thing. We discuss this at length in the discussion of CfRN.

As for comparing to other charities, as we briefly mention, the main reasons we favour our two charities are that they have much stronger track records than the alternatives and plan to work on very high value areas. I agree that in retrospect there could probably have been more discussion of the relative merits, but the report is already very long. Having looked at the area for many months, I'd be fairly surprised if there were many better climate charities than the ones we recommend.

Comment author: alexherwix 12 July 2018 10:28:11AM 0 points [-]

Thank you for your reply :)

I will have a deeper look at it when I find the time! So the main take away from my previous comment could be that it may be useful to highlight the "surprises" in the executive summary for people who don't have the time to engage in depth and maybe provide a stronger summary of your process for reaching your recommendation (e.g., have comparative metrics like we have for poverty/health related interventions). Or maybe that's good content for a summarizing blog post?

Anyhow, thanks again for your effort to update the EA community on this topic :)