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Comment author: turchin 24 June 2018 10:21:14AM 0 points [-]

I've not had the best luck reaching out to talk to people about my ideas. I expect that the majority of new ideas will come from people not heavily inside the group and thus less influenced by group think. So you might want to think of solutions that take that into consideration.

Yes, I met the same problem. The best way to find people who are interested and are able to understand the specific problem is to publish the idea openly in a place like this forum, but in that situation, hypothtical bad people also will be able to read the idea.

Also, info-hazard discussion applies only to "medium level safety reserachers", as top level ones have enough authority to decide what is the info hazard, and (bio)scientists are not reading our discussions. As result, all fight with infor hazards is applied to small and not very relevant group.

For example, I was advised not to repost the a scientific study as even reposting it would create the informational hazard in the form of attracting attention to its dangerous applications. However, I see the main problem on the fact that such scinetific research was done and openly published, and our relactance to discuss such events only lower our strategic understanding of the different risks.