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Comment author: Greg_Colbourn 07 June 2018 05:49:15PM 1 point [-]

maybe this post was just shared much more on social media.

I see Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the bottom of the post (but only when I load the page on my phone). They currently have the numbers 174 and 18 next to them. Seems like an excessive number of Facebook shares!? Surely that can’t be right? (I’ve only seen - and been tagged on - one, in any case. Clicking on the numbers provides no info. as to where the shares went, if indeed they are shares. Ok, actually, clicking on them brings up a share window, but also ups the counter! So maybe that explains a lot as to why the numbers are so high (i.e. people wanting to see where all these shares are going, but only adding to the false counter)).