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Comment author: MarkusAnderljung 24 April 2018 08:14:10AM 2 points [-]

Thanks for this, Joey!

I'd be very keen to see more thorough data on this, for example: 1. To what extent is 80k's pivot away from recommending Management Consulting due to value drift? 2. My impression is that one of the reasons to focus less on GWWC has been attrition (i.e. value drift in these terms). Does anyone have access to those figures? 3. Would e.g. CEA or 80k be able to carry out a retrospective study on this? 4. Even more awesome would be to conduct a longitudinal cohort study on the topic.

Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 26 April 2018 06:55:17PM 4 points [-]

I think this is something we may look at with the 2018 EA Survey, hopefully in cooperation with GWWC and 80K and leveraging their data as well.