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Comment author: Jan_Kulveit 06 April 2018 08:08:42AM 8 points [-]

I like the content.

But a small terminology note: I'm not sure it is a good practice to call it research pieces (and 80k hours is one of the norm-setting organization in EA)

A big portion of the pieces is podcasts, "recorded conversations between smart people". This is useful in many ways, but is it research?

In general, it seems to me ... "research" is high prestige in EA movement. Which creates an incentive to label things as research. So many important things are labelled research.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone there is e.g. shortage of operations people

Comment author: 80000_Hours 06 April 2018 09:57:22AM *  0 points [-]

Fair point. I thought about calling them articles... but they're definitely not all articles. Thought about calling them 'content releases' but that felt like corporate vagueness.

I should have gone with something nobody could dispute: 32 new(ish) universal resource locators. ;) - RW