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Comment author: Evan_Gaensbauer 11 April 2018 03:32:43AM 3 points [-]

Personally, hanging out with EAs makes me A LOT more enthusiastic about EA and I work on my EA projects much more as a result. I basically forget about EA when I’m away from the community for long periods of time. I might be an outlier here but I’m sure that the same is true for others to a lesser degree. And it’s these kind of events that not only energise me but also help me find EA friends with whom I can hang out, co-work or even live. Which, by the way, makes such events more valuable when they are for people from one city.

This was true for me until hanging out with EAs worked so well I became an EA community organizer, and now I can't stop thinking about EA, because I'm always in touch with the community and am trying to constantly facilitate EA events.