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Comment author: Dunja 07 April 2018 03:38:37PM *  5 points [-]

OK, I have to admit these are really good points :) I don't work in any direct way in the EA sector, but I can imagine that just like with any job, communication with others can kick-start new enthusiasm and even new projects.

Comment author: Jan_Kulveit 08 April 2018 12:25:36AM 6 points [-]

Effective altruism is kind of emotionally hard. Compared to some other forms of altruism It often does not give you the "warm glow" feelings, smiling child's eyes, etc.

This emotional feedback has to be supplied by the community. If it is missing, it has some unfortunate effects - it makes it harder to keep being an effective altruist - you get overrepresentation of people with less intense emotionality, people suppresing their emotions, etc.