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Comment author: [deleted] 26 March 2018 07:35:09PM 0 points [-]

I edited my comment in the meantime to make it clearer. I was specifically thinking about the fact that timesheets are sent to managers. Is this still a common practice? Among what fraction of OP staff?

Comment author: HoldenKarnofsky 26 March 2018 07:41:28PM 7 points [-]

This is still a common practice. The point of it isn't to evaluate employees by # of hours worked; the point is for their manager to have a good understanding of how time is being used, so they can make suggestions about what to go deeper on, what to skip, how to reprioritize tasks, etc.

Several employees simply opt out from this because they prefer not to do it. It's an optional practice for the benefit of employees rather than a required practice used for performance assessment.