Please nominate EA organizations to receive free executive coaching (to help their leaders be more effective)

A friend of mine runs an exec coaching service that works with execs to help them build and scale their organizations faster and more effectively. The problem is good executive coaching is really expensive. But she recently received a private grant to offer 1 month (~$3.5k/ea) of free executive coaching for 3 non-profits. 

Please nominate your favorite EA organizations! 

Nominate your favorite org here: https://execcoach.typeform.com/to/vd4KVb (You can also send to them for them to self-nominate)

Deadline is next Monday March 19.

I've nominated Enthea, as I think therapeutic psychedelic access seems to be a really interesting and high expected value way of making the world better. They're my favorite organization I suppose. I'm also going to nominate a few more that seem to have strong reputations. Maybe I'll go through Open Phil's donor orgs and nominate a bunch of them.

Please nominate the groups you believe are effective. Assuming you believe executive coaching works (I currently have a coach and certainly believe it to be a high ROI) it seems like an easily influenceable thing.

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