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Comment author: Alex_Barry 14 April 2018 07:54:28AM *  0 points [-]

Yes, "switched" was a bit strong, I meant that by default people will assume a standard usage, so if you only reveal later that actually you are using a non-standard definition people will be surprised. I guess despite your response to Objection 2 I was unsure in this case whether you were arguing in terms of (what are at least to me) conventional definitions or not, and I had assumed you were.

To italicize works puts *s on either side, like *this* (when you are replying to a comment there is a 'show help' button that explains some of these things.)

Comment author: Jeffhe  (EA Profile) 22 April 2018 11:50:19PM 1 point [-]

I see the problem. I will fix this. Thanks.