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Comment author: Evan_Gaensbauer 14 March 2018 12:33:18AM 3 points [-]

If you think PETA is the best bet for reducing suffering, you might want to check out other farm animal advocacy organizations at Animal Charity Evaluators' website. The Organization to Prevent Intense Suffering (OPIS) is an EA-aligned organization which has a more explicit focus on advancing projects which directly mitigate abject and concrete suffering. You might also be interested in their work.

Comment author: Jeffhe  (EA Profile) 14 March 2018 12:54:52AM *  1 point [-]

Wow, their name says it all. I didn't know about OPIS - I'll definitely check them out. Will potentially be very useful for my own charitable activities.

Also, thanks for the link to Animal Charity Evaluators - didn't know about them either. Although, given that the numbers don't matter to me in trade off cases, I don't know if it will make a difference. It would if it showed me that donating to another animal charity would help the EXACT same animals I'd help via donating to PETA AND then some (i.e. even more animals). If donating to another animal charity helped different animals (e.g. a different cow than a cow I would have helped by donating to PETA), then even if I can help more animals by donating to this other charity, I would have no overwhelming reason to, because the cow who I would thereby be neglecting would end up suffering no less than any one of the other animals otherwise would, and as I argued in response to Objection 2, who suffers matters.

Thanks for both suggestions though, Evan!

Note, I have since removed PETA from my post because the point of my post was just to question EA and not to suggest charities to donate to. Thanks for making me realize this.