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Comment author: Paul_Christiano 03 January 2018 09:24:04AM 2 points [-]

In actual fact, they are appealing to preference utilitarianism. This is a moral theory.

Economists are quite often appealing to a much simpler account of betterness: if everyone prefers option A to option B, then option A is better than option B.

Comment author: Halstead 06 January 2018 01:42:59PM 0 points [-]

They may well endorse that view of betterness, but I don't see how it lets them avoid the problem here. The people who disprefer a world with scalping to a world without are the people who would like tickets but can't afford to go.

Comment author: Paul_Christiano 06 January 2018 08:23:52PM 1 point [-]

This standard of betterness is all you need to conclude: "every inefficient outcome is worse than some efficient outcome."