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Comment author: ThomasSittler 04 January 2018 09:37:01PM *  2 points [-]

Thanks, excellent comment! :)

If our descendants are selfish, and the threshold for a life worth living is fairly low, then not much harm will be done (as long as they don't actively value causing harm, which seems unlikely).

They needn't actively value causing harm, suffice it that there be instrumental benefits to causing harm. e.g. factory farming today is the result of indifference, not cruelty.

I do agree that where the threshold lies becomes important if the threshold is likely to be close to the level of well-being that powerless beings enjoy. (e.g. I'm pretty confident that the majority of farmed animals today are pretty far below that threshold, but reasonable people could disagree.) I guess I should have made that clearer when I cite Benatar.