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Comment author: Sean_o_h 30 December 2017 10:24:57AM 4 points [-]

"Last year I criticised them for not having produced any online research over several years;" I should have responded to this last year. CSER's first researcher arrived in post in autumn 2015; at the point at which last year's review was done, CSER had been doing active research for 1 year (in the case of the earliest-arrived postdoc), not several. As all were new additions to the Xrisk community, there wasn't already work in the pipeline; getting to the point of having peer-reviewed publications online within a year, when getting up to speed in a new area, is a challenging ask.

Prior to autumn 2015, I was the only employee of CSER (part-time, shared with FHI), and my role was fundraising grantwriting, research planning, lecture organisation and other 'get a centre off the ground' activities. I think it's incorrect to consider CSER a research generating organisation before that point.

We have now had our earliest two postdocs in post for >2 years, and publications are beginning to come through the peer review process.