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Comment author: VinceB 31 December 2017 08:19:58PM 2 points [-]

Ahoy all, first post here super excited!

Charity Science Health - Do they detail the plans for their RCT? Have the looked at the current research for contexts in which the intervention is more or less effective?

The RCTs are promising but I would think the cash they are asking for would get them something north of 2k participants (correct me if thats naive).

Also, is their code open source/do they need some one to code for em? Have they looked at charging clinics a small fee for the repeat customers or would that burn them most likely?

Comment author: Joey 01 January 2018 06:32:52PM *  2 points [-]

Congrats on first post.

You can see our most detailed current plans for the RCT in this concept note or this spreadsheet. We are still nailing down the partners we are working with and the end line budget we will have, so they are subject to some change. We have considered the existing evidence base fairly carefully and you can see our summary of other studies here.

We have estimates at different sample sizes, but generally we are looking in the 5k-20k range of participants dependent on funding and exact study design.

Indeed our code is open source and we would love help on it. We are about to put up a volunteering/internship opportunity to help us with it. You can see the code here.

Sadly clinics would not provide funding for our program, at least not the low income clinics in our target areas. It might be different with private clinics, but they generally target demographics that are less productive to send reminders to (due to having higher baseline vaccination rates)

Comment author: VinceB 04 January 2018 02:55:20AM 0 points [-]

That Code link is broken, check it. Would love to star it and take a look :) Im crazy buzy (arent we all?) but it might be worth a look for sure.

GL on those RCTs! heres to getting 20k samples!

Comment author: Joey 04 January 2018 05:08:18PM 2 points [-]

Fixed now :)