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Comment author: Milan_Griffes 29 November 2017 04:16:26AM *  2 points [-]

There is already an academic literature of cluelessness and it's known to some EAs. It would be helpful therefore if you make it clear what you're doing that's novel ...

Do you know of worthwhile work on this beyond Greaves 2016? (Please point me to it, if you do!)

Greaves 2016 is the most useful academic work I've come across on this question; I was convinced by their arguments against Lenman 2000.

I stated my goal at the top of the piece.

I would much have preferred it if you'd explained cluelueness using Greaves' set up and then progressed from there as appropriate.

I don't think Greaves presented an analogous terminology?

"Flow-through effects" & "knock-on effects" have been used previously, but they don't distinguish between temporally near & temporally distant effects. That distinction seems interesting, so I decided to not those terms.