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Comment author: rjmk 17 November 2017 09:54:32AM *  1 point [-]

Thanks for this post! I think it will make me more comfortable discussing EA in my extended friendship circle.

Which frames work best probably depend on the who you're talking to*, but I think the two on global inequality are likely to be useful for me (and are most similar to how I currently approach it)

I particularly like how they begin with explicitly granting the virtue and importance of the more local action. Firstly, it's true, and secondly, when I've seen people change cause focus it's normally been because of arguments that go "helping this person is good, but the reasons for helping this person apply EVEN MORE here".

Remembering to explicitly say that I think the local cause is important and moral is the behaviour change I'll take away from this.

* For example, with most people I meet, I can normally take moral cosmopolitanism for granted