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Comment author: Kathy_Forth 11 November 2017 07:07:41AM *  5 points [-]

I suspect a lot of this is due to people trying to save time on reading. There are too many articles to keep up, so we (myself included) choose the articles that seem most likely to have the information I need most, and some of this priority order is author based. An additional method for people who are doing this for efficiency reasons:

We could do an experiment to find out what percentage of high status people's karma points are due to their status or getting a larger amount of attention overall than other posters. Then, us efficiency oriented people can mentally adjust the karma scores accordingly.

Comment author: ThomasSittler 12 November 2017 08:30:03PM 0 points [-]

You can also see the week's / month's most upvoted posts here. This gives you another way to filter for (hopefully) high-quality posts while losing only a small amount of blinding. (You know the ranking of posts that week, but you don't know their relative scores nor who wrote them).