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Comment author: turchin 31 October 2017 10:16:02PM 1 point [-]

I am a great fan of the bacteria which will be able to convert methane into food. Basically, it would balance two markets which both suffer sometimes of oversupply or undersupply: fossil fuels market and food market. If we will be able to move the excess of supply in one of them into another, both will be more stable. It would support also fight with climate change, as natural gas is 4-5 times cleaner than coal.

I also think that methane producers will be happy to pay for such bridge as it will be a new market for them, and in that case, we will reach the negative cost of the earth-saving intervention. Negative cost should be a gold standard for EA creativity, as in that case we don't need to collect money, but just suggest an idea - and some entertainers will pay for it. However, some initial investment in the analysing and promoting the idea are needed.