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Comment author: Michael_PJ 27 October 2017 05:55:26PM 6 points [-]

I'm assuming people think discussion of inclusion issues is a terrible idea. Assuming that is what I've been downvoted for, that makes me feel disappointed in the online EA community and increases my belief this is a problem.

This seems like a lot to infer from some downvotes.

FWIW I didn't downvote your comment but it annoyed me. It was this:

I think it weird, given there's so much mainstream discussion of inclusion, that it hasn't seemed to penetrate into EA.

I feel like I've seen quite a lot of discussion of diversity in EA, and I don't think it's been overly unsophisticated. This comment therefore feels frustrating, like the "why doesn't EA talk about systemic change?" comments. I would guess this is a common feeling, given the positive response to http://effective-altruism.com/ea/1g3/why_how_to_make_progress_on_diversity_inclusion/c7n . That might explain the downvotes. On the other hand, this

My subjective view is that this topic is under-discussed relative to how much I feel it should be discussed.

feels much more positive to me. Okay, Michael Plant thinks we need to have a lot of discussion about this for some reason. Fair enough.