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Comment author: Michael_PJ 26 October 2017 10:56:51PM 3 points [-]

My gut reaction is that most of the people who have stuck around are "E first", but I think there's probably a higher base rate of those amongst early adopters, so hard to say.

It seems like we could gather some data on this, though. It's a vague question, but I suspect most people would be able to answer some variant of "Were you E first or A first? E/A/Other". Then we could see if that had any relationship to tenure in the community, or anything else. Perhaps an item for the next Effective Altruism survey?

Comment author: Kelly_Witwicki 26 October 2017 11:45:38PM *  3 points [-]

Unfortunately since the respondents would be members of the EA community, it would be hard to control that data for cultural fit in order to get at how robustly EA people from each demographic are. People have stuck around in the community for reasons other than how EA they are or can be, as I hope I've shed some light on.

Comment author: [deleted] 27 October 2017 01:21:18AM 1 point [-]

I think that EA has conceptualized this in counter-productive ways and needs to entirely rethink it. There are many causes which need to be worked on, we cannot simply not do X just because we can help more people or animals with the same money in some other way. There are also many causes, most causes would be my guess, where effectiveness is largely determined by local community connections and personalities and cultures. I could have donated my $300 in 1992 to help buy malaria nets, but instead I used it to start a consignment retail store in the storefront of a non-profit that then supported me while I saved their free clinic for migrant farm workers (that helped 10,000 patients a year). I had unique local connections and knowledge that allowed me to put that together, and the effort in under two years grew to include increased rural health outreach with a local hospital. Pretty sure all the "experts" in EA would have advised me to donate my money. People should be encouraged to recognize and use their talents and opportunities and passions.