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Comment author: hollymorgan 04 June 2018 09:53:16PM *  1 point [-]

I think these can be categorised as follows (as of Oct 2017):

  • 8/22 came from my 1st year with the "pre-EA" community (felicifia.org/reducing-suffering.org (4), Toby Ord (3), the rationalists (1))
  • 4/22 from 6 years of social/professional relationships with EA types who are hot on personal development
  • 3/22 from my 2nd-8th years with the pre-EA/EA community
  • 2/22 from 2 years of independent thought prompted by reading philosophy and having a utilitarian friend at sixth form
  • 1/22 from 3 years of colleagues at non-EA orgs (Oxfam retail and a "digital transformation" consultancy startup)
  • 1/22 from independent thought plus ~7 years of knowing sexually diverse communities via university and EA
  • 1/22 from 26 years of family
  • 1/22 from really mixed sources

(+ the Robin Hanson one that I want to take off the list in light of the value drift post)

Takeaway: My first year of being part of an EA-type community was disproportionately valuable.

I wonder how other people's experiences compare, and if they're similar, the extent to which that implies that we should focus community-building on brief intense immersion and retention-wise simply optimise for something like subscribers to a quarterly newsletter.