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Comment author: walter1980 03 February 2018 11:16:09AM *  2 points [-]

Do you know of organisations, that take donations, and that are at least to some extent dedicated to the building and maintenance of roads in poor regions?

The only organisation that i have found that at least somewhat falls into this category is the german organisation welthungerhilfe.



I believe that the role of a proper road system is strongly underappreciated in development aid. What arteries are to the human body, roads are to a continent. The arteries transport all the different nutrients and elements that are required by the human body to all its different locations; similarly roads transport all the various goods of a continent to where they are needed.

If the road systems are in poor shape, so is the economy; as a result there is poverty. Roads in africa, for example, are often so bad that it takes hours just to drive a few kilometers. A good road system, however, widens the markets; trade can develop, which again spurs motivation, specialisation, innovation and ultimately living standards.

As a result I have been looking for organisations that are dedicated at least to some extent to the set up of good road systems in poor regions.


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