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Comment author: amirography 06 January 2018 06:27:29PM 1 point [-]

Hey all. I have a personal challenge. I'm a student from Iran. And I want to be a more effective altruist. However I'm not sure how. So here are a few points to consider: 1.There are no channels like givewell.org for charities here. And most charities are horrible at best here. 2. As Iran is boycotted, sending money overseas is rather hard and inefficient (though more efficient than local charities) 3. as an student, I have little money to spare (few dollars every week).
4. Also as a double majors student, I have no time time to spare as well. So money is all I can do.

So what can I do?

Comment author: fergusb1232 30 May 2018 12:28:15AM 1 point [-]

You could save it, if you believe that a) a time will come fairly soon when you can move the money easier or you will leave Iran and be able to take the money and b) the money won't significantly depreciate in value during this time.

If I was you I would set up a small donation ($1 maybe) to the best charity you can find in Iran, or one that makes you feel good to donate to, to try and establish a habit of giving, while investing the rest of the money in yourself (decreasing the amount of time you have to work (if you work) so you can read more, getting a gym membership to maximise your health and therefore your working life and donatable earnings, etc).