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Comment author: RyanCarey 11 October 2017 01:57:19AM 0 points [-]

Maybe you would start with a small part of the defense bureaucracy?

Comment author: Khorton 11 October 2017 07:37:59AM 0 points [-]

We'd have to think very carefully about how we frame it. The solution is less obvious than it might appear at first, irreversible, and a major factor in how successful we are at improving government responses to risks overall.

They'll expect it to address different issues if it's under Defense rather than Health and Human Services or Homeland Security. If we make it a part of the defense bureaucracy, it's there forever, which has pros and cons. That would likely be a better approach somewhere like the US where defense is relatively well-funded than somewhere like Canada where the defense budget is regularly being cut. It's also a better approach if we're very concerned about nuclear war and bioterrorism and we want to frame AGI as a hostile power. It's a worse option if we want to frame dangerous AGI as domestic enterprise gone wrong and focus on issues like pandemics and climate change. If we decide creation of government agencies are an important part of our long-term policy strategy, several people should think very hard about where these agencies should be located in each government we lobby.