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Comment author: zdgroff 19 September 2017 11:58:27PM 4 points [-]

It seems like there's very little work being done by EAs in this area. Is that your impression as someone who has spent a good amount of time talking to the relevant people? Do you think it would be good for more EAs to go into this area relative to the current numbers working on different causes?

Comment author: Gentzel 20 September 2017 05:44:02AM *  7 points [-]

I am not sure we should focus more into this area, I just want to make sure that in general, people who go into policy or advocacy don't propagate bad ideas, or discredit EA with important people who would otherwise be aligned with our goals in the future.

I do think that knowing the history of transformative technologies (and policies that effected how they were deployed) will have a lot of instrumental value for EAs trying to make good decisions about things like gene editing and AI.