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Comment author: Robert_Wiblin 07 September 2017 02:08:24AM 3 points [-]

Regarding the rate of EA Facebook group posts - a year or two ago there was an effort to introduce moderation to slow the rate of low quality posts (often from entirely new people) that added noise and reflected poorly on the group. The lower engagement there seems to be a sign of success and professionalisation rather than slow movement growth.

Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 07 September 2017 03:04:05AM 0 points [-]

Definitely. I note that in endnote #3, but it definitely should be pointed out. The heavier moderation started in December 2015.

Comment author: Robert_Wiblin 07 September 2017 09:32:30PM 0 points [-]

Sorry I missed the endnote. I think in that case, where the change is most naturally interpreted as neutral or positive, it's worth giving it a stronger caveat than a footnote, for people just skimming the numbers. :)