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Comment author: gworley3  (EA Profile) 31 August 2017 05:07:02PM 2 points [-]

Reading between the lines here, are you saying ACE may not be living up to EA standards given this and other recommendations it has made?

Comment author: KevinWatkinson  (EA Profile) 31 August 2017 07:09:26PM 1 point [-]

I think it depends how we choose to look at it. GFI would certainly be a departure from what ACE generally agree upon as part of the seven criteria. Though it doesn't really matter to me they did that, it could be the case that i wouldn't favour the group they replaced them with.

Maybe it would be Animal Equality. I think generally it could depend how concerned we would be about how they could have benefitted from Top Charity status. Jon Bockman wrote the following article: https://animalcharityevaluators.org/blog/our-2016-recommendation-of-animal-equality/

In a recent post ACE said they would fund their recommended charities if / when they meet a $1m fundraising target, and i disagreed with that for a number of reasons, not least because i think ACE need to do more work around establishing which animal groups meet the seven criteria (or maybe six, so we can include newer ones).

In that way it would be easier to look at alternative non-profits in the different areas people might be interested in. At present it is difficult to discuss groups outside the top and standout charities within EA because we don't know whether they meet the seven criteria. I think depending on which ethical theory we are using, it may be the mainstream groups aren't very appealing anyway, so i think there needs to be more scope for people to take different issues into account.

The blog discussing fundraising restrictions, and how ACE will distribute funds if they exceed $1m. https://animalcharityevaluators.org/blog/ace-fundraising-restrictions/

Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 31 August 2017 09:05:06PM 2 points [-]

ACE does not have an official policy of requiring there to be three top charities. It's possible there could be two or four or another number. So it's not necessarily the case that GFI would have been replaced by something else.