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Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 30 August 2017 12:55:35PM 1 point [-]

Are these data from prior surveys included in the raw data file, for people who did the Donations Only version this year?

All the raw data for all the surveys for all the years are here: https://github.com/peterhurford/ea-data/tree/master/data. We have not yet published a longitudinal linked dataset for 2017, but will publish that soon.

At the bottom of the raw data file I see a bunch of entries which appear not to have any data besides income & donations - my guess is that those are either all the people who took the Donations Only version

Those are the people who took the Donations Only version.

Comment author: Tee 30 August 2017 03:42:24PM *  0 points [-]

Those are the people who took the Donations Only version.

We thought this would streamline things, but it's not entirely clear that it's worth doing for 2018