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Comment author: zdgroff 29 August 2017 02:50:51AM 2 points [-]

How did you get $220 rent in Vancouver? I live in the Bay Area, which of course is extremely expensive, but I would not have thought it was so vastly more expensive that one could pay $220 for a place in Vancouver. What's the location and how did you find the place?

I'm pretty on the fence about the argument that this garners too many weirdness points. I think if one is weird for doing things that almost everyone would agree makes them a good person, then that's probably as likely to be good as bad. I think much of this question just boils down to what makes us the most effective in our primary activity, and for people with needs or even genuinely more expensive tastes this might not be optimal. I do favor a heavily thrifty norm for EAs, though.

Comment author: Joey 29 August 2017 05:16:05AM 3 points [-]

Regarding rent prices, basically Katherine and I rent a single room (½ the cost of renting a room individually) in a 2 bedroom basement suite that we share with a roommate. So the whole suite costs about four times that. I think an individual who is not coupled would have to spend about double what I personally pay to live in Vancouver at equivalent standard of living.