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Comment author: WillPearson 25 August 2017 02:16:42PM *  0 points [-]

Why care about freedom at all?

Because people like being free and it keeps society fresh with new ideas.

If I upload and then want to take a spaceship somewhere hard to monitor, will I be allowed to take a super computer, if I need it to perform science?

Sure. Just don't use it to build a super-AGI that will take over the world.

What if there is a very small risk that I will do so, lets say 0.0000001%? Using something like the arguments for the cosmic inheritance, this could be seen as likely causing a certain amount of astronomical waste. Judged purely on whether people are alive, this seems like a no go. But if you take into consideration that the society that stops this kind of activity would be less free, and less free for all people throughout history, this is a negative. I am trying to get this negative included in our moral calculus, else I fear we will optimize it away.