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Comment author: Daniel_Dewey 10 July 2017 07:27:24PM 3 points [-]

I am very bullish on the Far Future EA Fund, and donate there myself. There's one other possible nonprofit that I'll publicize in the future if it gets to the stage where it can use donations (I don't want to hype this up as an uber-solution, just a nonprofit that I think could be promising).

I unfortunately don't spend a lot of time thinking about individual donation opportunities, and the things I think are most promising often get partly funded through Open Phil (e.g. CHAI and FHI), but I think diversifying the funding source for orgs like CHAI and FHI is valuable, so I'd consider them as well.

Comment author: LawrenceC 23 July 2017 05:24:51AM 3 points [-]

Not super relevant to Peter's question, but I would be interested in hearing why you're bullish on the Far Future EA Fund.