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Comment author: TaraMacAulay 07 July 2017 06:54:27AM 16 points [-]

I know it's outside the scope of this writeup, but just wanted to say that I found this really helpful, and I'm looking forward to seeing an evaluation of MIRIs other research.

I'd also be really excited to see more posts about which research pathways you think are most promising in general, and how you compare work on field building, strategy and policy approaches and technical research.

Comment author: Daniel_Dewey 07 July 2017 06:12:53PM 9 points [-]

Thanks Tara! I'd like to do more writing of this kind, and I'm thinking about how to prioritize it. It's useful to hear that you'd be excited about those topics in particular.

Comment author: MikeJohnson 08 July 2017 05:35:14AM 4 points [-]

I too found this post very helpful/illuminating. I hope you can continue to do this sort of writing!

Comment author: Daniel_Dewey 08 July 2017 04:23:47PM 3 points [-]