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Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 28 June 2017 04:57:52PM 3 points [-]

From a productivity standpoint, how do you structure your life / typical day in order to get research done? How long does it take to produce a report of this quality, from both total time spent and wall clock time (start date minus finish date)?

Comment author: lukeprog 28 June 2017 05:47:31PM 3 points [-]

These questions are beyond the intended scope of this AMA, but I’ll make a few quick remarks about the second question.

The calendar time spent is pretty uninformative, since large chunks of it passed by while I was working on other Open Phil projects that were (temporarily) more urgent, or waiting for feedback from someone, or for other reasons. As for total hours, my work logs suggest something like >800 hours on this report (by far my largest project thus far), though that includes lots of “getting up to speed” background reading on the various fields with which the report engages.