Open Thread #37

Hello. Here is an open thread. To quote Peter Hurford in one of the last open threads:

"Use this thread to post things that are awesome, but not awesome enough to be full posts. This is also a great place to post if you don't have enough karma to post on the main forum."

To begin, I am wondering if anyone has ideas for causes similar to global warming. I am looking for cause areas that: 

1. affect my country, the United States. I am also fine with causes (such as global warming) that affect all countries.

2. have the potential for long-term impact. Since carbon emissions will stay in the atmosphere for millennia, I do not know of any cause that more reliably will have a long-term impact than global warming. 

3. are at least somewhat tractable and not based on speculations about particular future scientific discoveries. No "superintelligent AI". 

As a disclaimer, I admit that I am not even a part of EA, although I do share some overlapping assumptions. Since EA folks are also trying to select causes inside of a systematized framework, even one different from mine, I thought this might be a good place to ask for ideas. I am thinking of getting heavily involved with a local global warming organization and so this seems a good moment to evaluate whether that is wise before I jump into it. 

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Comment author: kuustalu 18 June 2017 03:31:48PM 1 point [-]


I'm running a study on the moral psychology of EAs. There is a $10 donation to AMF/MIRI/REG for each participant.

Our aim is to investigate supporters of aiding the needy via cost-effective giving. This study uses self-report questionnaires on moral dilemmas.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. Should you decide not to participate or should you change your mind mid-way through you are under no obligation to provide additional reasons for your decision. You may withdraw at any time.

No personal identifiers aside from minimal demographic information will be held or revealed alongside your answers at any stage of the study. Your responses will be used for a post-graduate thesis.

We're also looking for non-EAs, so please spread outwith the group too.


Comment author: TruePath 23 July 2017 12:06:33PM 0 points [-]

I'm wondering if it is technically possible to stop pyroclastic flows from volcanoes (particularly ones near population centers like vesuivious) by building barriers and if so if its an efficient use of resources. Not quite world changing but it is still a low risk and high impact issue and there are US cities that are near volcanoes.

I'm sure someone has thought of this before and done some analysis.