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Comment author: Stefan_Schubert 13 April 2017 11:24:20PM *  0 points [-]

I genuinely believe that there are tons of deserving candidates for accolades and speaking engagements in our community.

That's probably true, but I don't think it follows that the suggested strategy is unproblematic.

I guess the most plausible argument against your suggested strategy rests on the premise that there are tons of deserving candidates outside of our community as well, and that we have no reason to believe that EAs are, at present, on average under-credited. If that is right, then the aggregate effect of us systematically choosing EAs over non-EAs could, at least theoretically, be that EAs on average got more credit for their efforts than non-EAs.

I don't know how strong this effect would be, but I do think that this counter-argument should be addressed.