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Comment author: AGB 16 April 2017 12:40:24PM 2 points [-]

Was this intended as a response to my comment? I didn't bring up the $70k figure or the $200k figure. I did take up one part of your argument (the 'minimum standards' part) and try to explain why I don't think using a $2k - $5k minimum as equivalent to the median Indian actually makes sense.

Advantage of the "bailey": makes people feel extremely guilty and more likely to donate money or sign the pledge.

FWIW I doubt this is actually true. I have generally strongly preferred to understate people's relative income rather than overstate it when 'selling' the pledge, because it shrinks the inferential distance.

Comment author: the_jaded_one 26 April 2017 03:37:54PM *  0 points [-]

I didn't bring up the $70k figure or the $200k figure

that may be true, but they are figures that have been brought up

FWIW I doubt this is actually true.

Maybe. But the promotional materials certainly seem to frame it that way.